The fiery belly of Gilderdammen and traditional core of the civil war, the Estates Imperial is the official name given to the central region of the Empire that is comprised of nation-states with no immediate liege other than the Emperor himself, and hence in terms of sovereignty and vassalage, are unaffiliated with the ten other major powers of Abenwald, Hexe, Khalenia, Nekaras, Ovalrine, Sigiswald, Stresstorpe, Totenwald, Uln and Vottiland, or any of their own vassals.

The twenty six states that comprise the Estates Imperial are:

  • FlagAlram Alram, Lordship of
  • FlagBukholte Bukholte, Lordship of
  • FlagCasendorppe Casendorppe, Lordship of
  • FlagDrogaw Drogaw, Bishopric of
  • FlagEbenwald Ebenwald, County of
  • FlagEisenwald Eisenwald, Lordship of
  • FlagEkkwald Ekkwald, Lordship of
  • FlagFakwald Falkwald, Lordship of
  • FlagGairovald Gairovald, Grand Duchy of The Grand Duke of Gairovald is one of Gilderdammen's Electors.
  • FlagGozzowald Gozzowald, Lordship of
  • FlagHrodland Hrodland, Margraviate of
  • FlagGilderdammenHeraldic Kronach, Imperial City of. The seat of the Emperor. The throne is currently vacant, and the city itself is occupied by forces belonging to three Electors.
  • FlagLimbren Limbren, Lordship of
  • FlagLorbex Lorbex, Free City of
  • FlagOakmaine Oakmaine, County of
  • FlagParsouw Parsouw, Lordship of
  • FlagParzifal Parzifal, County of
  • FlagRabanwald Rabanwald, County of
  • FlagReinwald Reinwald, County of
  • FlagTachaw Tachaw, County Palatinate of
  • FlagTiges Tiges, Lordship of
  • FlagUdowald Udowald, Lordship of
  • FlagWendelwald Wendelwald, County of
  • FlagWolfenwald Wolfenwald, Lordship of
  • FlagYvoram Yvoram, County of
  • FlagZellenrode Zellenrode, Lordship of
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