Yada Emeriani Barroao
Native to:Morbihannan and Tyvic, Gloaming North
Native speakers:<200,000
Language family:Vuscovi-based creole
Writing System
Writing system(s):Altean Alphabet
Official Status
Language status:Threatened
Official language in:Emeria
Recognised minority language in:Morbihannan
The Emerian speaking world
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Emerian is a Vuscovi-based creole spoken in Morbihannan and parts of eastern Tyvic.


Emerian is written in the Altean Alphabet, with use of diacritics to represent additional sounds.

Emerian alphabet
Letter A B C D E F G H
IPA ä b k d ɛ f ɡ h
Letter I J K Ł L M N O
IPA q ɮ l m n o
Letter P Q R S T U V W
IPA p kw ʁ s t v w
Letter Ӿ X Y Ž Z
IPA x ks j ʒ ts

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