Yada Ixivuni Emeriano
FlagEastTyvic ArmsEmeria

Flag and Arms of Emeria

Motto:Emeria; Subject Only to the Will of the Governed
Anthem:We, Emeria

Map of Emeria

Capital:L'orlan (proposed)
Official languages:Emerian language
Government:Parliamentary Republic (proposed)
Legislature:- President: Franz Łuciva (ceremonially)
Part of:FlagMorbihannan3 Morbihannan

FlagTyvic Tyvic

State religion:Church of The Stallion
Formation:-1953 S.R. (Constitution written)
Geography & Demographics
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We rejoice not in victories. We rejoice only when a new kind of cotton is grown, new sons raised, and new songs are sung by a liberated and free Emerian people.

–Franz Łuciva

Emeria (/ɛm.iːər.ʁiː.ä/) is an unrecognised nation-state located within the present day borders of Morbihannan and Tyvic that has largely been kept idle by a lack of societal opportunities allowing it to march onto the world stage.

The concept of a new nation was first born from the tired minds of Empyrian bourgeoisie of whom have long suffered at the hands misrule by economically backward royalty, having failed consistently to quench their desires of free enterprise and openness to the economical mindsets of the east. In times of boom, the state has been little but deadweight with their heavy taxes and sluggish bureaucracy; in times of recession, it has been barely responsive to their demands of necessary economic restructuring and bankruptcy-saving bailouts. To these capitalists, the state has not been an ally and impartial setter of the economic playing field, but a meddling, hostile, self-interested brother, focussed completely on the accumulation of its own capital with a free pass to regulate infrastructure, tax and trade in manners that would otherwise be out of bounds to the common non-state enterprise.

In time, the concept of a new state founded upon the values of free markets gained traction, attracting the minds of hundreds of middle class people from Eastern Empyria, growing from a room of several to a movement of hundreds, all toting the blue and black stripes of republicanism.

Whilst largely a pipe dream in the minds of these elite, recent history has uncovered the possibility of Emeria becoming a true nation state. The combined rhetoric of parliamentary democracy, a reformed and strong government counterposed to the frail and deeply indebted state apparatus of Morbihannan, and an unbridled openness to social progression, has spurred the minds of the many thousands of alienated, underemployed workers of northern Morbihannan. Armed well by a long-standing mass culture of mercenary service, disenfranchised from Morbihan nationalism and its ignorance of Emerian language and culture, and made revolutionary by a history of financial crises and stiff state repression clamping down on their job opportunities, whisking away all possibility of a living wage, their hostility has bubbled and frothed to the point where the once soothing mild concessions and friendly words by the Prince of Morbihannan have become asinine, rendered forever incapable of dampening their spirited belief in change.

It may not be long before Morbhiannan once again falls from its unsteady economic growth, where the state will yet again unsheathe its brutal sword of austerity in a desperate attempt to save its profit margins from rapid decline. In these days to come, the conditions for separatism will truly ripen.

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