The Efrit Bat is a rare predator that nests far above the ground-level of the caverns of Achashveros, seeking out some of the larger denizens of the underworld as their prey, including young worm and beetles when they are unprotected by their parents, and even the occasional stray Jardoun. They have a typical wingspan of around 6 feet and weigh a great deal.

Many Jardoun in the underworld have glorified hunting these creatures for the naturally occurring gem embedded in the front of their skulls. While its use is unknown to Jardoun society, some surface philosophers suggest its use may come from Efrit manifestation within a living organism, facilitated by the bats own biology. Evidence for this is somewhat supported by corpses of the creatures missing their gems, suggesting that perhaps they could not live without them. Or, skeptics speculate, they were killed by hunters and the gem was simply extracted.

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