Perhaps less sinister than the gebbeth, the efrit is a spirit that has been given animus in the physical realm through being bound into a limited but non-living form. They, like the gebbeth, are typically formed through the use of binding and sealing rituals, but they can also manifest spontaneously by entering into the physical realm and attaching to nearby inanimate material. Although magically-created efrits are safer than gebbeths by virtue of the fact that they cannot use their host's free will to subvert their binding orders, the permanency of efrit creation, coupled with their considerable power, means that such practices are discouraged.

Efrit can come in as many forms as there are objects, and documenting these forms is beyond the scope of this entry. Efrits have been made of everything from ash and wood to full suits of armor, the bones of revered ancestors, and siege engines. Efrits draw their power from their ability to manipulate the forms they are trapped in to fulfill their orders or accomplish their goals. Smoke efrits, for example, can draw themselves into the shape of a man, complete with eyes and a mouth, which can work on physical objects, or it can disperse itself into a cloud or low-hanging fog to fly over walls or between the gaps in a floor. In addition, they can use their inherent powers as spirits to draw objects from thin air, manipulate things telekinetically, read minds, or whatever other powers the spirit they were formed from was capable of. For this reason, created efrits are usually of lower power and matched to the object they will be bound in, so as to minimize the damage from an efrit escaping its bonds.

Fortunately, efrit have proven easier to detect and easier to kill than gebbeth. Efrit can be easily detected by observing the anomalous properties of their host. Failing that, one only needs a mirror to observe that an efrit is present, as a mirror will often show the efrit's form as being radically different than how it is trying to present itself. Killing an efrit is no easy task, as they are quick strong and very wily opponents, but they have proven susceptible to silver weapons. Failing that, a weapon doused in holy oil and ritually prepared should be able to penetrate the spirit's defenses. Fire and water may be effective as well, though it depends on the specific nature of the efrit.

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