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Drakes are reptilian creatures with very large wings, hollow bones, long tapering tails, and a special gland that produces an incendiary liquid that ignites outside their mouths. They have colorful, scaly hides that come in a variety of shades of greens, yellows, and browns. They are ambush hunters who use their superior night vision to swoop down and kill prey with a few, quick swipes of their razor sharp talons. They harry their prey until they bleed out, and then carry them back to their lair to cook with their fiery vomit. Although they’re strong enough to carry off a goat or horse, wild drakes make poor mounts as they have trouble carrying a rider for an extended period of time. The physical limitations of the drake have not put off those who see the utility of scary, flying, fire-breathing lizards and more than one magician or alchemist have tried breeding different varieties.

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