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The Divine Roster of Heroes has superseded Manticore Worship to become the dominant religion of Cathargalis. The Roster is a list of titles bestowed upon special agents of the Emperor, the weight of the history of their bearers is believed to have great power, creating a theoretical court of demigods underneath the divine ruler.

The RosterEdit

These titles are preceded by He Who Is (The) or She Who Is (The) as appropriate to the current bearer.

Supreme and ReviledEdit

  • Supreme Hero Adored by Each and Every Star Under Heaven: This title is bestowed upon a warrior or mystic whose efforts have resolved many crises in the empire. The Supreme Hero is someone who is capable of great violence but acts with due reverence for the emperor and love of the people of Cathargalis.
  • Reviled by Each and Every Star Under Heaven: This title is bestowed not upon a faithful servant, but whoever is considered to be the greatest villain or criminal alive. The bearer of this title is known to the people of the empire as unpardonable and irredeemable, possessing no protection of or from the law. Whoever slays or captures the Reviled is sure to be rewarded beyond measure. The current Reviled is Vattagamani.

The CourtEdit

  • Adamant Shield and Proof Against Treachery
  • Green-Handed and Makes the Desert Bloom
  • Hand of Wonders who Builds the Impossible
  • Justice Without Error
  • Most Learned Sage who Denudes Mysteries
  • Physician who Conquers Death
  • Right Hand of Justice
  • Most Observant Courtier who Scoffs at Poison
  • Incorruptible Constable to whom Truth is a Razor
  • Sublime Orator who Compels Tears from Stone
  • Hunger Artist: This title was bestowed upon Zhuang Su.
  • Guileful Sage who Casts a Pebble that Falls as a Boulder
  • Golden General of Prescient Strategy
  • Tiger-Slaying Swordsman with Flawless Technique
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