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State Flag and Arms of Delvarra


Map of Delvarra

Largest City:Saceruela
Official languages:Daltan

- Queen:

Legislature:- Upper House:

- Lower House:

State religion:Church of The Stallion (Orthodox)
Geography & Demographics
Population:1 Million (95% men)
Ethnic groups:Daltane (90%)
Core industries:Fish
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The ancient heartland of Stallion worship in The Gloaming North, the people of Delvarra have maintained the old form of the faith, and have largely been spared the deadly politics of the mainland church. Many of the traditions of the Daltane people that have shaped their matriarchal societies had their start in Delvarra; especially those concerning property ownership. As has been their way for thousands of years, the men own the boats and the women own the land. The slight, beautiful men of Delvarra are widely regarded as lazy, lotharios fit for little more than fishing and riding, who let their women handle all manners of money and farming. Delvarran men on the other hand consider themselves sublime geniuses for allowing such a system to evolve around them.


Coming of The Stallion (20 B.S.R.)Edit

The Unicorn now calling itself The Stallion emerges from hiding in the north to proselytize among the people of the eastern isles of Delvarra and Suddesco.

The Ride to End Giant Aggression (1025 - 1041 S.R.)Edit

Weary of Giant raids from the far north, the Equinex Archelaus II calls for the “Ride to End Giant Aggression,” and grants all the nations of the north a joint Mandate of the Hassek Coast. Crusaders from Delvarra, Gilderdammen, Irriander, Luddovicco, Morbihannan, Nevira, Suddesco, Tyvic, and Zilaresco cross the North Sea and drive the Giants from the Hassek Coast, forcing them all the way back into the glacial mountain ranges. A Crusader colony remains on Hassek to form a bulwark against future Giant invasion.