La Daltano
Pronunciation: [dæl.tæn] or [dæl.tɑːn](?)
Native to:Daltane nations, Gloaming North
Native speakers:~5.4 million
Language family:Eltean
Early forms:Daltean
  • Middle Daltan
    • Daltan
Major dialects:Orthodox Daltan, Niero, Lunata
Writing System
Writing system(s):Altean Alphabet
Official Status
Regulated by:Council for Daltan Vernacular and Orthography
Official language in:Delvarra, Irriander, Krantschfell, Nevira, Suddesco
The Daltan speaking world
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Daltan [dæl.tæn] is an Eltean language spoken in the nations of Delvarra, Irriander, Krantschfell, Nevira, Suddesco. It derives its vocabulary from ancient Eltean, with prior descendants assumed to be ancient languages of the Shining South. Splitting from Eltean in ancient times, Daltan has unlike its sister language Altan kept much of the old inflected structure and standardised spelling.

Amongst the many national dialects, large creoles of the language include Oltan and Ortusan.


Common words and phrases

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