The Daemon-Pilgrim's Spree


2000 S.R.




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The Daemon-Pilgrim's Spree was a crime spree and subsequent manhunt of the Southern religious fanatic known to the populace of Zilaresco as "The Daemon-Pilgrim."

The Daemon-Pilgrim Edit

Little is known of the perpetrator of the crime spree. He was vaguely described as being "foreign" in appearance, with his only distinguishing feature being the burgundy-colored robes he dressed himself in. Even after his death, it was impossible to identify him due to the severity of his wounds. He was presumably a strictly devout follower of The Hippo and possessed a commanding presence.

Likewise, his followers were equally mysterious and difficult to identify. His only known associates were those who were captured in battle.

Known Disciples Edit

  • "Berry" (???? - 2000 S.R.): Berry's real name was unknown. He was believed to be a former thief from the Southern city of Maram. Captured after the attempted burning of the chapel in Ramazzotti, Berry later attempted to escape imprisonment, resulting in the death of a guard and his cellmate, and was beheaded for his crimes.
  • "Savage" Randal Valdre (1951 S.R. - 2000 S.R.): A hedge magician and former member of the Loggia. Valdre was expelled from the Lodge in 1985 S.R. for disorderly conduct and spent his subsequent years as a hermit in rural Zilaresco. Was captured by the Stags of Molino after their raid on Captain Arliss' camp and promptly hanged.
  • Unknown Dwarf (???? - 2000 S.R.): Spotted by the Stags of Molino fleeing the scene from Arliss' camp. Later found unresponsive beside a railroad track outside of Charoscuro by a local physician. He sustained injuries consistent with being struck by a train, and later died in the doctor's care.

Arliss the Sporting Edit

Arliss (1946 S.R. - 2000 S.R.) was an Altane river pirate commonly known for his plunder of the luxury barge Megalopolis on the Scintilla River in 1991 S.R. during which he held the mainly upper class passengers hostage for 11 days before collecting a small fortune in ransom, an act that made him the Zilarescan Crown's Most Wanted. For years after, he and his men resorted to banditry in the forests of Zilaresco to evade capture before returning to piracy along the river in 1998 S.R.

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