The Coleomagna Beetles are most often found within Achashveros, where they are bred and raised for as many uses as one could think of, but will also be found underground almost anywhere there is sufficient room and food. Their diet ranges from eating large swaths of edible fungus to hunting and killing some of the larger denizens of the tunnels, such as worms, rats, and even the stray Jardoun that wanders in the way of an undomesticated Coleomagna.

Average height of a Coleomagna is around 3 to 4 feet, but the beetles are around twice that in width. They are relatively light for their size but despite that they are suitable for riding, eating, and pulling when properly trained. Some breeds of Coleomagna are specialized for different tasks over the years of domestication, and certain Coleomagna that have specific traits are more sought-after than others.

Mounts meant for surface travel are typically more suited for aggression, and as such have tougher exoskeletons and sharp mandibles meant for shredding any potential attackers in front of them. Other, undomesticated breeds have uncommon traits, such as, in one breed, a long horn on their face and on another, the ability to spit a burning spray at distance.

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