The Unceasing Imperial Splendor of Cathargalis



Map of Cathargalis

Largest City:Megalopolis
Government:Imperial Bureaucracy

- Emperor

State religion:Divine Roster of Heroes
Geography & Demographics
Population:50 million (75% Men)

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The largest, and most ancient extant nation in The Eternal East and The Known Lands. It is governed by a lumbering, labyrinthine bureaucracy and a highly removed Emperor. It is forced to be on a constant war footing as every corner of the empire outside the capital is constantly beset by various rebellions: bandits, cults of every persuasion, pretenders to various thrones, secessionists, and populists.

The Emperor relies heavily on a variety of special agents, many of them foreigners given lofty, poetic titles to execute His will. The empire’s history is littered with these agents, whose titles are passed down, until the titles themselves become a thing of legend and reverence. The Emperor names heavenly bodies for these titles, an ancient practice which created the Divine Roster of Heroes, wherein the people pray to particular stars or constellations so that the heroes attached to them will intervene on their behalf.

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