Map of Baishi

Official languages:Baishii
Geography & Demographics
Area:480,000 sq. mi
Population:250,000 (75% Men)
Ethnic groups:Baishii
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The borderlands between the Shining South and the Dreaming West have been known as the Baishi for thousands of years. The chaos of the west is at its most sedate here, the people live much like they do in the south though there is always an element of wrongness in the eyes of a southerner. Where a southerner would raise sheep or goats, the Baishii raises dog-sized spiders, or flightless, four-legged birds. Where the southerner would dig tin or salt out of the hills, the Baishii mines for the honey crystals of giant ants or fist-sized termite larvae. The Baishi Lowlands, closest to the south were even part of the bygone Great Kingdom, but the ruined traces of that empire are rarer here. Further west in the rocky Baishi Highlands, civilization is scarce for it is here that the Solar Giants battle with Living Atrocities and the other terrors of the west. The Anharr of the deeper west are adept at slipping around the battlefields before forming eastbound caravans in the lowlands.

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