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Though there are small groves dotting the plains and hills of The Shining South, there is only one old growth forest north of the Arpak Mountains that has survived the fall of the Great Kingdom of the South, mighty Aushjar. It flanks the Madaharine River from the southern reaches of Hakeshar's domains to the northern reaches of Maram's, and completely surrounds the outer boundaries of El-Andrel. There is a great deal of biodiversity among both flora and fauna. Among the trees to be found in the Aushjar are Date Palms, Desert Willows, Fig trees, Jujubes, Mesquite trees, Pecan trees, Pepper trees, Prickly Acacias, Pistachio trees, Taurus Cedars, and many more; with the trees favoring drier climates found further away from the river. The most famous trees however are the Godswood, rare and precious beyond reckoning, each protected by a tribe of mighty Mumuye.

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