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The mighty Arpak Mountains span much of The Shining South, dividing into two distinct regions, the northern portion that was once the Great Kingdom of the South, and the southern portion, the untamed lands of the Knife Coast. The range is named for Arpak and his line, an enduring legacy of the Giants rule. The eastern portion of the range possesses the taller mountains, and is less arid than the west.

The mineral wealth of the Arpaks is legendary across the entire Known Lands, it was the basis of much of the Great Kingdom's seemingly inexhaustible riches. Even today, most of the Beys and Great Houses secure their fortunes with mining interests. Equally legendary are the uncounted secret lairs, tombs, and fastnesses built by a variety of people across all ages; these often hold treasures sought out by heroes.

The Arpaks are home to many creatures, fantastical and mundane. It's most famous residents are the tribes of Giants and the monstrous Rocs. There are also enclaves of Men and Orcs, most of which are actually clans of mountain bandits.

Notable MountainsEdit

There are many jagged hills, cliffs, tors, and minor mountains but some of the mightiest peaks bear names and renown.

  • Black Smoke Mountain: A formerly extinct volcano, it has been revived by Blackbones for use as a mystic forge. The mountain's interior is home to the wizard's sprawling labyrinth-like lair.
  • Fire Walker Mountain: A dangerous, spirit haunted place that has become the nesting ground for a species of giant owls.
  • Manticore Mountain: The tallest mountain in the Arpaks, it was where the invading Manticores landed when Eshu passed close enough for them to simply leap and take wing to The Known Lands.
  • Mountain of Song: The interior of this mountain hosts the homeland of the Dwarfen race. The Dwarfs have carved open the top of the mountain to let the sunlight into their home.
  • Mount Karakos: Arguably the most important of the Arpaks, it hosts the headwaters of the mighty Madaharine River, and the great city of Maram is laid out at its base.
  • Mount Talvas: Among the eastern terminus of the Arpaks, Mount Talvos hosts the headwaters of the Talvas River and the Sky Tombs of the Talvyr Magnakhans.
  • Seven Drake Mountain: Located among the core of the Arpaks, this mountain is named for the family of Drakes who have inhabited and made the region their hunting territory for centuries. The fear nothing but the Ziz, and are typically counted as the apex predators of the mountains.
  • The Sisters: Individually called Ashtoreth and Tanyth, these mountains flank the primary pass to the Valley of Dust. The bygone capital of the Great Kingdom, Akar-Mera is built within the pass.
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