Coat of Arms of Trans-Altane Express ArmsTAE
Escutcheon Quarterly lined nor, first quarter a landscape depicting the Zilarrezko River proper, a chief erminois, a bordure baunor (Zilaresco), the second nor a portcullis aur, a bordure vaire Altane (Luddovicco), the third baunor cross patée bal within a double tressure flory and counterflory bal lined roa (Morbihannan), the fourth per pale sar chequed nor and ermine, The Stallion Horned rampant aur (Krantschfell), all within a bordure ada and an orle aur
Armiger: The Trans-Altane Express Company
Adopted: 1999 S.R.
Crest: A representation of a steam train proper
Torse: none
Supporters: none
Compartment: none
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): ArmsTAE3

Ada, a train tracks in roundle aur lined nor within an orle aur
- Simplified version, most commonly used on administrative papers, on non-civilian trains, and embossed on the sides of carriages

Earlier versions: ArmsTAEold

- Without the quartered arms of Krantschfell (?-1999 S.R.)

Use: Train tickets, on buildings and on the head end of all civilian trains belonging to the Express
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