Coat of Arms of Zilaresco ArmsZilaresco
Escutcheon A landscape depicting the Zilarrezko River proper, a chief erminois, a bordure baunor
Armiger: Prince Alvar Montejo III
Adopted: 1927 S.R.
Crest: Upon the battlements of a tower, two axes in saltire all proper. Mantled with the twin flags of Zilaresco elongated proper
Torse: Aur, norbau and bal
Supporters: Dexter, an Altane maiden in dress all proper; sinister, The Horned Stallion bal queued and maned aur
Compartment: The earth of a jousting festival, decorated in trees and foregrounded by banners and knightly equipment, all proper
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): none
Earlier versions: ArmsZilarescoOld

- Old National Arms (? - 1927 S.R.)

Use: On all edifices of The State and The Royal Family
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