Coat of Arms of Tyvic OrionArms
Escutcheon Cyi, two walu`qa respectant, in chief a Xho’wiy.
Armiger: Emperor Tsymѵoѵaк II of Tyvic
Adopted: Unknown
Crest: none
Torse: none
Supporters: none
Compartment: Two baqyn bal in saltire
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): Some variants feature a representation of the old god Velkhwiy in the chief instead of Xho'wiy.
Earlier versions: none

The ancient Arms of Tyvic has been used as a symbol of Vuscovi national identity for millennia. Its official blazonic description is "cyi, two walu`qa respectant, in chief a Xho’wiy", yet the arms themselves appear in a variety of shades, specifically in several variants of the colour purple, ignoring blazonic rules in favour of tradition.

The old goddess Xho’wiy is sometimes switched for the god Velkhwiy (as is seen on the civil and state flag), the two of whom are icons of Vuscovi national and cultural identity, and are kept as so in spite of the adoption of the new religion in order to never forget the ways of the ancestors. The "walu`qua" are protective spirits in Vuscovi folklore, depicted here in representative forms only. The twin crossed baqyn (Vuscovi for "axe(s)") lay behind the shield, representing the act of putting arms away in favour of diplomacy and peace.

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