Coat of Arms of Selvanesco ArmsSelvanesco
Escutcheon Per fess wavy ada and aur, a woodsman's axe proper
Armiger: Lord Mayor of Selvanesco Massimo Strada
Adopted: 1521 S.R.
Crest: none
Torse: none
Supporters: Dexter, a sea lion rampant aur; sinister, a bull rampant aur
Compartment: none
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): none
Earlier versions: Other symbols have historically been used to represent the city, very few of which have been emblazons, all of which predate the blazonic orthodoxy
Use: All edifices of the Selvanescan state, as well as countless other institutions and infrastructure (i.e. on wrought iron streetlights, fire hydrants, etc), on official state documents, on tram tickets, or any of the thousands of products made and sold in the City, i.e. in embossed form on glass bottles, printed on barrels containing foodstuffs and various kinds of drink, engraved onto various Selvanescan-made machines, etc.
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