Coat of Arms of Nerushmy ArmsNerushmy
Escutcheon Norbau a base cyi, a bordure bauvao, a tall Xho`wiy proper
Armiger: Lord Mayor Samoѵкh Kobynei
Adopted: ~300 B.S.R.
Crest: none
Torse: none
Supporters: none
Compartment: A wuse`baqyn (wood axe) nor
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): none
Earlier versions: none

The Arms of Nerushmy are a design that stretch back centuries before the coming of the Stallion and the reign of Empyrian Emperors. Seeing first use as the national arms of the Krawnaya Principality and the dynasties that ruled it, it has unto the present remained completely unchanged, having become a strong signifier of the traditionalism of Central Empyrian culture.

The shield's shape is an ancient Vuscovi design, known colloquially as the "heart shield", faithfully bearing the empowered, multi-armed image of Xho`wiy, the chief deity of the ancestors' Nhж`wiy Lunar Druidism. The tales of its age have recently been brought out of the realm of the typically superfluous, hyperbolic Vuscovite tales with similar, millennia-old designs being unearthed in Luddoviccan dig sites by modern scholars and archaeologists. Whilst only a source of mere historical intrigue for most of those who dug up and documented such artefacts, to Vuscovi nationalists the news has become a gust of hot air that has topped-up their inflated, eternal pride, not only in Nerushmy, but throughout all of western Tyvic.