Coat of Arms of Hassek ArmsHassek
Escutcheon Mor a bend sinister vaobal, in bend four lozenge buckles bal, in dexter chief a knight couped at waist displayed affronty wielding a scimitar and holding the severed head of a giant proper
Armiger: Knight-Commander Sir Ottokar Gottschalk
Adopted: 1733 S.R.
Crest: Upon a castle proper, The Stallion statant vaobau
Torse: none
Supporters: Two knights proper plumed vaobau holding spears flying the War Banner of Hassek proper
Compartment: none
Motto: Addar ðőgyel sændrygyn teƿê ("Light Over Abominable Darkness")
Orders: Order of St. Renato
Alternate version(s): none
Earlier versions: Escutcheon only, with the addition of a bordure dancetty vaobau (1400? - 1733 S.R.)
Use: As a signifier of nationality and/or participation in the crusade against giants
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