Coat of Arms of Gilderdammen ArmsGilderdammensmall
Escutcheon Per bend dexter baunor and pean, a bend dexter embattled roa, an enfield passant guardant lined boz, all within a bordure roa
Armiger: The Emperor of Gilderdammen (until 1920 S.R.)
Adopted: 675 S.R.
Crest: The Helm of Maxmilian I aur, crowned aur, mantled nor
Torse: none
Supporters: Two Tearvingaul natives proper, wreathed vao, holding lances mounted with the colours of Gilderdammen proper
Compartment: The crown of the Emperor of Gilderdammen upon his cloak all proper behind a stone pedestal mor of which stands the escutcheon and supporters
Motto: none
Orders: none
Alternate version(s): ArmsGDalternate

- With spears instead of lances mounted with flags. Used on the Imperial Banner
- Shield-only variant

Earlier versions: none
Use: On all edifices of State and the Royal Family
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