The Spider
Date of birth:Unknown (81,425 B.S.R.)
Age:Unknown, believed to be thousands of years old (83,425)
Language(s):Arachne can communicate with any creature.
Gender:Male and Female
Race:Beast Gods
Occupation History
Occupation(s):God of Knowledge, Goddess of Fate
Status:Unknown, believed to be in Gozenram
Eyes to behold the waves. Hands to pluck the proper threads as they collapse. Wisdom to spin the best of tales. If I failed to know everything, you could not hope to be anything.

–The Spider

Arachne, commonly referred to simply as The Spider is a hermaphroditic being revered as both the God of Knowledge and the Goddess of Fate. It is the patron divinity of the city-state of Gozenram, where its temple operates the legendary information brokerage known as The Web.


The most legendary of The Spider's powers is its abilities to perceive anything that any ordinary spider in the Known Lands can. It is not known how many different spiders Arachne can use as sensory proxies at a time, though the possibility exists that the answer is all of them simultaneously. Arachne can change its size, from as small as the tiniest of spiders to as large as a bull elephant.


The faith of The Spider is based upon the axiom Knowledge is Power. The priesthood contends that The Spider is all-knowing, and labors to steer the world away from some terrible doom. The Spider has many eyes and hands with which to manage the delicate pattern of fate. By learning to see and manage the patterns of mortal affairs, through the mastery of intrigue, worshipers of The Spider can aspire to open additional spiritual eyes, and join in their god's holy endeavor to save the world from the myriad, often existential threats it faces.

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