Pronunciation: /æl.tæn/ or /æl.tɑːn/(?)
Native to:Altane nations, Gloaming North
Native speakers:~20.3 million
Language family:Eltean
Early forms:Altean
  • Metan
    • Ultan
    • Old Altan
      • Modern Altan
Major dialects:Many hundreds
Writing System
Writing system(s):Altean Alphabet
Period:~3000 B.S.R. - present
Sister system(s):Tearvin Alphabet
Official Status
Official language in:Krantschfell, Luddovicco, Morbihannan, Zilaresco
The Altan speaking world
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Altan /æl.tæn/ is an Eltean language spoken in the nations of Luddovicco, Morbihannan, and Zilaresco. It derives its vocabulary from ancient Eltean, with prior descendants assumed to be ancient languages of the Shining South. The de-facto lingua franca of The Gloaming North, Altan is the largest spoken and written language throughout the entire continent, with (partially thanks to the mechanisation of the printing press) more books having been printed in the language than all of the other languages combined.

Amongst the many national dialects, large creoles of the language include Altaneer, Emerian, Oltan, Ortusan, and Vuscoran.


Altan grammar is the end result of a long migration away from a rich inflectional morphology and relatively free word order - typical of Eltean and proto-Eltean Southern languages - into to a largely analytic language with minimal inflection, an absence of grammatical gender, a fairly fixed SVO word order, and a rigid syntax. Comparatively, modern Daltan on the other hand, having split from the mother Eltean to become Daltean thousands of years before the coming of The Stallion, has kept much of the inflection, grammatical gender and word order trends of the mother tongue, although it itself has also changed to some degree with the passing of millennia.

Modern Altan is a language that prides itself on simplicity, with hundreds of words having only one or two syllables. Additionally, many words can be formed through agglutination.


Altan is written in the Altean Alphabet, and was the first language to use and develop this system of symbols throughout The Gloaming North.

Classical Altean alphabet
Letter A B C D E F G H
Name a be ce de e ef ge ha
Letter I K L M N O P Q
Name iy ka el em en oe pe qu
Letter R S AltanLetter-Sha T AltanLetter-Tha AltanLetter-Cha V AltanLetter-Va
Name er es sha te tha cha ue ve
Letter W X Y Z
Name we ix wi ze

The letters "AltanLetter-Sha", "AltanLetter-Tha", and "AltanLetter-Cha" faded from use in the latter and waning years of the Altean Empire, where the sounds they corresponded to were respectively replaced by "sh", "th" and "ch". By at least 200 B.S.R., in tandem with shifting handwriting styles, the "V" began to resemble the modern day "U", whilst "AltanLetter-Va" began to assume the shape of the old V. With the invention of the printing press, the Altean Alphabet noticeably solidified in its form, where it has since remained unchanged.


Common words and phrases

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