Almeda Zuria
Maiden Knight, Queen of Nevira
Date of birth:1384 S.R.
Date of death:1441 S.R.
Occupation History
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Almeda Zuria is a legendary hero of Nevira, their Maiden Knight who rose from obscurity to lead her beleaguered people against the aggression of Gilderdammen and the corrupt Equinex Orestes II. The last King of Nevira, Emilio V of the previous Trastámara Dynasty made her his heir after his sons perished in the war.

The Armor of the Maiden KnightEdit

In her lifetime, Almeda's armor was a suit of steel plate armor, the choice of most Neviran heavy cavalry warriors. Though it was the work of an expert artisan, it was strictly functional. Many years after her passing, it was re-designed to be a propaganda symbol. In a collaboration between the Neviran artist Simón Astorga and the Zilarescan industrialist and fabricator Norman Bliss, a baroque suit of steel armor was electroplated in chromium and detailed with silver and platinum filigree. In a somewhat controversial move, a wing in the heathen tradition was added to the backside: a frame of painted yew with silver-plated eagle feathers. Modern artistic renditions of Almeda portray her wearing this ostentatious armor.

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