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The Aelfe are a race of beings immune to the ravages of time and disease. They are regarded as some of the most vain, self-satisfied, venal and arrogant beings one might ever encounter. Unfortunately for those who are outraged by their condescending and unpleasant demeanor, the Aelfe are also peerless warriors and magnificent artists, with some having great magical abilities on top of that. Their speed and prowess is so great, that slaying one in battle is a major accomplishment even for a legendary Bannerman of Hakeshar.

Aelfe of both genders are tall and willowy, standing between six and seven feet tall. Their skin tones resemble those of Men, but frequently have some metallic or opalescent quality to them as if they were sculpted rather than born. Their eyes colors favor gem tones and their structure is alien compared to most intelligent races; lacking entirely in any pupil or sclera. Their hair, which they keep long, tends to match or compliment their eye color.

Despite their bizarre appearance and frequently effete demeanor, the Aelfe have some ability to instill awe in humans and their own human-blooded descendants, and terror in orcs, though the obon, dwarves, and beast races are not affected by this glamour.

Aelfe of both genders keep harems of beautiful humans (frequently of both genders as well), but they have a double standard over the acceptability of letting dalliances with humans bear children: namely there is no stigma for a male Aelfe to sire a legion of bastards, but it's considered incredibly (though not unforgivably) gauche for a female Aelfe to allow a half-human child to come to term. Half-Aelfe themselves are frequently given over to humans to raise, though some take amusement in keeping their children around for a time, until hints of age set in or the "halfling" is driven out by the hubris and condescension they're exposed to constantly.

The Aelfe now mostly reside in the Gloaming North, where they bully the local mortal princes to support their debauched lifestyles, but it is known they once lived in (and perhaps ruled) the Shining South. The Aelfe smugly hint that they are aware of the full histories lost before the rise of the Pharaohs, but have no intention of sharing it; still, some has been recovered through other means. It is known that the Aelfe once drove the orcs out of the high plains, and nearly hunted them to extinction before the orcs hid in groups too small to reliably track. Some venture as far as to claim that like the dwarves, obon, and orcs; the Aelfe used to be humans as well. Those who make such claims in front of the Aelfe had best be prepared to defend themselves.

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