Gateway to the West



Government:Mayor (elected) (Achashverosi puppet)
Population:35,000 (80% Men - Baalori)
Major industries:trade, Old Kingdom salvage, farming, herding
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At the junction of the Seberine and Gibborine rivers sits the ancient ruins of Abydos, an industrious city from the time before the fall of the Pharoahs. A series of dams and locks once captured the water from the two rivers, irrigating the land around for miles. Called the "Gateway to the West", Abydos was a powerful city ruled by a satrap that hosted Pharaohs, high priests, and travelers from around the world. Its market was rivaled only by Gozenram and Quelosq.

All this changed in the time after the fall of the last Pharonic dynasty. As the city's satrap jostled with Quelosq, Quarach, and Dor Oozfor for power, he neglected the maintenance of the city's locks and dams, so integral to preserving the Abydoso way of life. One fateful night, the locks failed, and the stored waters of the Seberine and Gibborine rushed through the city, destroying anything in their path. Thousands of years of progress were obliterated in seconds, and when the waters finally calmed, Abydos was shattered. Thousands perished, and the city was crippled and broken forever. The survivors embarked on a mass exodus, bringing their wealth and knowledge to Maram and Queslosq. Some suspect that the flood was an act of sabotage by one of the city's many enemies, but no one knows for certain.

Once the floodwaters receded, those who elected to stay in the ruins of the city resettled in its center. With the city's great markets and furnaces destroyed, it became nothing more than a mark on old maps, but the people persevered on. They worked the earth like their ancestors and even had even begun to make a healthy trade in scavenging the surrounding ruins for Pharonic artifacts, when the Jardoun first made contact with the town. Nestled in their warrens deep below Abydos, the Jardoun had mostly avoided the city's fall, and they were determined to assert their might. They coerced and intimidated the town's elders in meetings into handing effective control of the artifact trade over to the Jardoun. Those who voiced dissent disappeared during the night.

Now, the Jardoun are the true masters of Abydos. The town's mayor styles himself as "Satrap of the Abydonian Holdings, Lord of the West", but in reality he is nothing more than a puppet controlled by the Ratmen below.

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